FREE WORKSHOP | How to Make Peace with Stress


You’re a smart and capable woman who manages all of your responsibilities. 

You're a doer and between work and running your household, and trying to be a good friend / parent / sibling / spouse / partner / daughter / activist / everything else, you show up and give your best to everyone and everything that needs you.

But there's a big problem.

Even though things seem fine on the outside, inside, you're always stressed-out and you don’t know how to cope with it. 

You feel anxious sometimes and depressed sometimes, and the truth is, you know you're not showing up for and giving your best to yourself

For you, maybe that looks like...

  • Being overwhelmed and unable to truly relax.
  • Feeling bad about yourself more than you want to admit.
  • Blaming yourself for not being able to manage it all.
  • Being over-scheduled, rushed, and thinking you have to fix everything.
  • Feeling like you'll never get it all done and not good enough.
  • Having racing thoughts and ruminating over everything.
  • Not being able to sit still because there's something you should be doing.
  • Feeling mentally exhausted but not being able to sleep very well.
  • Procrastinating hard things and feeling disappointed in yourself.
  • Running on empty and feeling like you're barely keeping it together.
  • Worrying incessantly and not knowing how to change it.
  • Feeling like you don't know how much longer you can live like this.

You really want to feel calm and confident every day.

You'd love to wake-up feeling empowered to focus on what's truly important to you, show up for your life in a way that makes you proud of yourself, and be at ease and fulfilled at the end of the day.

You dream of feeling self-assured and composed when faced with any challenging situation at work, in your relationships, in your contributions to important causes, for yourself, and as a leader to those around you.

You wish you could make positive, lasting changes in your life when something isn't working for you and you feel called to shift your life in a way that makes you excited about your future.


You should be able to manage stress along with everything else, right? 

That's what conventional wisdom tells us: We're supposed to reduce stress. And when necessary, there's a long list of things we can do to relieve stress.

Stress management is just supposed to be a part of your demanding life. 

But here’s the thing: Stress is actually not something to manage. It's really a message from within about what's threatening your potential. The truth is that stress is a force of inner wisdom that exists solely to help you thrive.

Instead of managing stress, get the message, and apply its wisdom.

So how about this: Make peace with your stress so that you can stop struggling with it and instead, use your stress to start making meaningful and lasting shifts that you want happen in your life.

++ From overwhelmed to focused on what’s important to you.

++ From anxious to calm and feeling in control.

++ From worried to confident and at peace with life.

++ From exhausted to optimistic about your future. 

++ From struggling to experiencing meaningful positive changes.


Working with Stephannie has opened my heart and mind to what’s possible when it comes to making peace with my stress.

I have come so far and know I will continue to grow every day. Thank you, Stephannie, for helping me find my path towards mindfulness through simple and effective yoga practices.

[Carrie L]

Make Peace with Stress has been a life changer! Having a simple mind shift brings such peace and calmness.

I have come to understand what some of my triggers are and how to handle those without feeling the stress, anxiety and helplessness I had before starting Make Peace with Stress. 

[Leslie H]

That's exactly what Make Peace with Stress is all about.

Make Peace with Stress is a yoga therapy program for smart and capable women who're ready to stop struggling and start being present, calm, and confident so that they can experience massive personal growth.

When you know how to Make Peace with Stress you can:

++ Push the reset button and start fresh any time so that you can feel empowered and in control with ease.

++ Stop mental spiraling with one simple yet highly effective tool so that you can make struggling a thing of the past.

++ Take charge of demanding moments instead of feeling anxious so that you can let calm be your new superpower.

++ Focus on what’s most important to you so that you can be more present to all the good in your life.

++ Truly care for your well being without a huge time commitment so that you will feel noticeably better every day.


Make Peace with Stress helped me discover insights that I didn’t realize I was missing.

It inspired me to find the strength I know I have and to take it into the rest of my life. With Stephannie, I feel like I have a therapist, yoga teacher, and fairy godmother all rolled into one!

[Mary C]

Working with Stephannie has made a world of difference in how I respond to and live with stress.

Her unique teachings of the physical and philosophical aspects of yoga practice enable me to live a calmer, more centered life!

[Michele B]

Make Peace with Stress will change your life for the better—guaranteed.

In the Make Peace with Stress program, you'll learn a few simple yet transformative insights and practices from yoga’s time-tested wisdom and get the guidance and support you need to make them a part of your life.


Learn how to take charge of patterns that aren’t working and move forward deliberately.


Pay attention to what’s going on within you on purpose to recognize the value of your inner experience.


Get the message your stress is sending and recognize the wisdom of your most demanding moments.


Open to every opportunity to shift inner struggling to choosing how to show up for your life.


Make transforming challenges into catalysts for growth something you do without having to think about it.


Connect with your deepest desires for how you want your life to feel and welcome that experience every day.

Gaining insight into how we can transform our relationship to stress and use it to grow as a person was the most helpful part of this program.

Stephannie has been more successful at helping me than any doctor, she is such an angel, gentle, but strong. She is such a positive energy in my life.

[Meghan C]

I have the tools now to effectively cope with my stress and anxiety, rather than letting it overcome me. I feel confident in my ability to self soothe, something I have never been able to do.

I had wanted to work with Stephannie for a while and I am so grateful that I invested in my mental health and am so excited to continue to grow and better myself. 

[Alicia B]


++ Make Peace with Stress is perfect for you if you have a lot on your plate but know you have to take better care of your mental wellbeing and need it to be simple and effective and become part of your current life with ease.

This program is not for you if you think the only solution is to give up everything you have now and go into hiding or if you don’t believe your wellbeing is one of the most important priorities in your life.

++ Make Peace with Stress is perfect for you if you feel overwhelmed, anxious and frustrated more than you want and are ready to own and take charge of your experience so that you can make different choices about how you show up.

This program is not for you if you want to blame your struggle with stress on life circumstances or other people or if you don’t believe your fulfillment and happiness is worth your attention.

++ Make Peace with Stress is perfect for you if you really want to make a positive change in your life because you recognize that the way you’re living is not healthy or sustainable and you care about your future too much to stay stuck.

This program is not for you if you’re fine with never keeping promises to yourself, complaining about the same issues, facing the same problems and don’t really believe life can be different for you.

Stephannie has certainly helped me! ​Her calm, gentle nature immediately put me at ease.

The support I received in this program to apply all of the excellent information and practices to my personal needs was so helpful.

[Sue K]

Stephannie and her methods are kind, compassionate, and effective.

Make Peace with Stress has helped me tremendously on my journey to become a stronger, happier me.

[Andy B]