You don’t talk about this, but you feel you’re not good enough, not doing enough, and worry that you’re not accomplishing enough. And it never seems to end.

Despite all that you do, you feel disappointed and dissatisfied more than you want to admit, and sometimes it feels like you’re running on empty and barely keeping it together.

From the outside, it looks like you’re good at handling it all, but that’s not how you feel inside. And this conflict between what others see and how you feel about yourself is so isolating. 

Please, please know that you are not alone. 

Also know that you can stop struggling and start being the present, calm, and confident person you want to be. There’s only one key thing you have to change—your perception of stress.


Even though you feel like you should be able to manage stress along with everything else. Stress is not something to manage—it’s a force of inner wisdom that exists solely to help you thrive.

Your stress is a message from within that’s designed to help you recognize what's threatening your potential, what's out of alignment with what you want in your life.

It’s your negative interpretation of stress that’s keeping you overwhelmed, anxious, mentally exhausted, feeling bad about yourself, and preventing you from being your best self. 

And when you change your mind about stress it becomes an impetus for positive change.

When you make peace with stress, it becomes a clear path to the freedom and confidence of truly thriving on the inside and outside.


This story is a perfect example of how stress is a message that helps you get what you want. A peanut farmer is trying to catch a monkey that has been stealing his peanuts, so he sets a trap.

He cuts a small hole in the center of a coconut just big enough to fit the monkey's hand, then puts some peanuts inside of the coconut and ties it to a tree. 

Soon after, the farmer finds the monkey running around the tree. His hand was in the coconut and while he was holding onto the peanuts, his fist was bigger than the hole so he was stuck.

The monkey was struggling with being trapped and stuck so he didn’t recognize that he had a simple choice to make: hold on to the peanuts and stay trapped or let them go and run free. 

If the monkey saw his stress in that circumstance as a source of information, he would have realized that holding on was something he could’ve easily released to get what he wanted.


Your brain can get stuck in a pattern of struggling with life circumstances. But this experience of chronic stress is a message about what’s keeping you trapped that you’re ignoring. 

Stress will show you what’s threatening to what you want for yourself, something you think or believe or do that’s preventing you from feeling the way you want to feel.

So every time you’re experiencing stress, you have an amazing opportunity to get the message from your inner wisdom. Every time you’re struggling, positive change is possible.

Every time you’re struggling inside and you make a conscious choice about what to do or think, instead of allowing a pattern to be perpetuated, you experience positive change. 

This is the simple process of making peace with stress so that it becomes a catalyst for massive and continuous personal growth.


I used to stress about writing emails, blog posts, copy for my website, etc. Communicating through writing is something I really struggled with, yet deeply wanted to be able to do.

Because I know stress and struggling indicate patterns that are inhibiting your ability to have what you want for yourself, I started to pay close attention to my experience of writing.

Here’s what I discovered when I changed my mind about my writing stress and began seeing it as a source of information:

  1. I procrastinated on any writing tasks with other things on my to-do list. I unconsciously thought that checking off the list was a good thing, but the truth was I spent a lot of time on tasks that didn’t matter instead of focusing on what was most important to me. 
  2. I believed I always needed to be in response mode. Even when trying to write, I would keep email open and notifications on, but I was asking my brain to do too much at once, which prevented me from concentrating and induced stress that I attributed to writing. 
  3. I worried that my message and writing wasn’t good enough. I was afraid of being judged and this was blocking my ability to share my knowledge in the way I wanted. Even though I knew I had something important to offer, this belief made it nearly impossible for so long.


Persistent stress is a message from your inner self that you’re not clear about and cultivating what you want for yourself in your life, which is how to be confident and fulfilled. 

It was my stress about writing that helped me recognize why I was struggling to accomplish my goal of sharing what I know to help smart, capable, and stressed-out women thrive. 

It was my struggle with writing that helped me recognize opportunities to make conscious choices about my to-do list, approach, and mindset, which dramatically improved my writing.

When I allowed my chronic stress to guide me, I discovered how to fulfill my deep desire to make the time-tested insights of yoga a simple and practical process for continuous positive change.  

And this process has been so effective for me and the women in my yoga therapy program, Make Peace with Stress, I’m writing a book about it—talk about stress as a catalyst for growth! 


So are you curious about what would happen if you made peace with your stress too? Try this:

  1. Draw a line down the center of a piece of paper so there are 2 columns.
  2. On the left, make a list of the top 3-10 life circumstances that you frequently struggle with or cause perpetual stress in your life.
  3. On the right, write how you’d like to feel when you face that situation or find yourself being stressed-out and struggling inside. 
  4. The next time one of the things in the left column happens, ask yourself: What can I do to feel (insert whatever you wrote in the right column).
  5. Repeat this process forever because changing patterns of struggling to be able to be present, and calm, and confident in stressful life circumstances is an ongoing practice. 

This simple process will change your perception of stress so that you can get unstuck from patterns that aren’t serving you and discover the life-changing magic of choosing joy


When I reflect on the last 20 years, it’s been stress that has initiated and fueled massive personal growth in my life. This is why I really do ❤️ stress and know that you should too.

That’s exactly why I created Make Peace with Stress, my yoga therapy program to teach you this simple and practical process and to help you make it part of your life.  

When you know how to make peace with stress you can notice patterns of struggle, open to the messages your stress is sending, and welcome what you want for yourself. 

When you know how to make peace with stress, you will make lasting shifts happen in your life.

++ From overwhelmed to focused on what’s important to you.

++ From anxious to calm and feeling in control.

++ From worried to confident and at peace with things.

++ From exhausted to optimistic about your future. 

++ From struggling to experiencing meaningful positive changes.


Do you have any questions? I’m here to help. Comment below to get my direct support.



It’s an honor to support you! This work is important to me because I know that making the world a better place starts within each of us and change happens one choice, one decision at a time.

This post is part of a series about what you need to know to stop struggling with stress so that you can be more calm and confident every single day. 

    This is about the opportunity you always have to choose what you experience in moments of stress. And the science to convince you that choosing joy is real and doable.
    This is about the myth that changing your life will be a struggle. It won’t be when you discover the 2 steps that make it simple and powerful to get unstuck and build momentum.
    This is about the mindset shift that will undoubtedly put you on a path of massive and continual personal growth. And change the trajectory of your life as it did for me.

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